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Current Projects 
New Original Acrylic paintings (and collage); on paper, canvas, and cradled wood board.
Original Acrylic and Pastel Paintings on Stretched Canvas & Papers
Limited edition giclee prints available of certain pieces.

Projects: Projects



September 12, 2019

CREATIVES ADVOCATING FOR WILDLIFE & HABITAT          RESTORATION ~ The vision of Natural Heritage Project and it's director (and artist/curator) Jessica Turtle, is to utilize the arts and experience learning to inspire generations to build environmental and cultural curiosity, understanding, and respect; with special attention to the key principles of sustainability, which include: ecology, social justice, non-violence and grassroots democracy.
The Natural Heritage Project works with artists of all mediums and encourages them to become educators and translators of sustainability. The entire project depends on its successful collaboration with creatives who are hardworking, passionate and dedicated to using their skills toward making a difference. IN YOUR ELEMENT is a juried exhibition that will be installed at Hudson Hospital and Clinic. It is a Natural Heritage endeavor, sponsored by Hudson Hospital and Clinic. ARTREACH SAINT CROIX is the fiscal sponsor for the Natural Heritage Project.


Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 12_edited.png

Nov. 13, 2019 - Feb. 9, 2020

IN YOUR ELEMENT is a juried show hosted by Hudson Hospital & Clinic. IN YOUR ELEMENT will be held at the Hudson Hospital & Clinic running Nov. 13, 2019 - Feb. 9, 2020. This  is no ordinary exhibition. All artists have been given a GPS coordinate and asked to commit to an immersive experience in the assigned environment as well as conducting in-depth research regarding the site. Audio interviews with each artist will be available for viewers during the exhibition. These will serve as the only way other than the visual work in revealing the location. It has already been an adventure and opened my eyes to yet another beautiful and rich natural treasure that we have here at our finger tips in MInnesota! So thrilled to be part of this show ~ love what Natural Heritage stands for as it goes to the heart of my heart ~ the interconnectedness of all things, learning, loving, preserving, honoring, awareness. Hope you will be able to walk the halls of this show and use your senses to identify these amazing places ~


MFAF Poster_Square_edited.jpg

October 5, 2019   10:00am - 5:00pm

Rescheduled from July 20, 2019 due to weather

1st Annual Minnehaha Falls Art Fair! To be held at the beautiful and historic Minnehaha Falls Park. I hope you will come see me at my booth KRISTIE KAISER FRUDDEN WildRidgeStudio! I will have original and giclee art available for purchase. Many pieces will be Ready to Hang (matted & framed).For more information please follow:
Instagram:@wildridgestudio #ArtAtTheFalls@minnehahafallsartfair


natural Heritage Project.JPG

November 13, 2019

Please see most recent work in my blog. I am currently participating in the juried In Your Element  show. This is a show currated through the Natural Heritage Project (Creatives Advocating For Wildlife & Habitat Restoration) and hosted by Hudson Hospital & Clinics running Nov. 13, 2019 - Feb. 9, 2020.


Each of the fourteen participants in the show received a handwritten GPS coordinate through the mail. Whether they were sent to a beaver pond in the middle of a state park or a sidewalk off a busy urban street, they were expected to create art based on their impression of the environment. We also asked that they do a little historical investigation about their location. Each person’s approach to this project was unique so we invite viewers to hear about their experiences directly. The artists were given the opportunity to answer a series of five basic questions in the form of a very casual phone conversation.

To listen to the artist speak about their experience please click the corresponding link below. The artwork will be on display at the Hudson Hospital & Clinic located at 405 Stageline Rd. in Hudson, Wisconsin from November 13th thru February 9, 2020.



March 2, 2020

Northern Lights Art Exhibition Opening Night!
Alot of great art to see, friends, and judge critiques. All in all a very fun night!


Northern Lights.jpg

March 2nd - April 8th 2020

46th Annual Northern Lights Juried Art Exhibition hosted by White Bear Center for the Arts.

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