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2020 Summer Art Festivals

Hello! ~ I am thrilled to say that I was accepted to be a participating Artist this summer in several Twin Cities Art Festivals that I hold near and dear to my heart. With the uncertainty of our times, in regards to the corona virus, the recent update is for the cancellation of all three shows for the season; The St. Anthony Park Art festival, Minnehaha Falls Art Fair, and the Loring Park Art Festival. It wasn't all that hard to see this coming and like you I've done my best to adapt to the evolving scene of where we are at currently and where we might hope to be in the near future. Time in the studio is one of the consistently beautiful pieces of my days, along with rocking long walks, everyday nutty-ness, staying connected to friends & family when technology doesn't fail me, while experiencing joys & losses. I wish you all well, with good laughter, and much peace~

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